Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is Text Messaging "Gay" or is it really Just a "Booty Call"

I just finished talking to a male friend of mine and we were having a conversation about a few things. Nonetheless, he told me that guys who text women are "gay."

Now...he & I went back & forth about this issue and he said that if a female text a guy, then he is cleared to text her back BUT...if a guy uses his way of communicating to a female or male for that matter by way of texting, he's suspect(lol).

The crazy thing is...he was dead serious. His philosophy is guys are too impatient to be waiting for a reply for a text from some chick, if they need to speak with her, he will call her...he truly believes this form of communicating as it pertains to a male is he puts it, "women can do the text messaging stuff and males under the age of 18 are excused as well but a grown man does not have a need to be texting no dam* body"...LOL...I'm curious to hear what u have to say.

READ the comments - some guys responded saying that they only text because its a booty call...


Antonio said...

This is funny, this is the first good laugh I have had today. That's the one of the most ridiculous things I ever heard. I guess guys 18 and over that use e-mail are gay too. The fact that he even took the time to think about something like to the level that he does makes it even funnier.

Michy said...

I thought it was ridiculous too but he argued me down. He told me to start monitoring my male friends...if they text me instead of calling, I might need to question him(lol). I'm over here crackingup(:

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Antonio said...

Now don't get me wrong, I do agree that texting should not be used in place of calling. If a man get's a woman's number and he text's her instead of calling, that is not cool at all. Texting should be used as an alternative to calling. There are times when you can't call, or sometimes you may just want to leave a short message. That's cool. As far as men who replace calling with texting , I think that is more of a "confidence" issue and than a "gay" issue.

Petey said...

WOW,,, that's a scary interpretation, being as though I live by the sword (my blackberry). Or is that considered emailing. Either way, as big homey just said; for your folks to take the TIME to break that theory down and to develop a strong opinion of the 'texting' matter, shows that he has alot of patience and NO business so maybe he is GAY. He did say men are impatient,,,right.

Besides,,, do you know how much info I can get from texting. Do you know how much action I get from texting. Do you know that women love to talk and by texting I control the conversation. My "gay reason for texting",,, get your point across, wait patiently for the reply, then either end it there.....or continue. Important thing is,,I am in control of the conversation.

Utt Ohhh, I just took TIME to break my theory down and presented a strong opinion on the matter, patiently, so maybe I am 'GAY'.

Here's Petey!!

Boss Hogg said...

Sssscccccccccrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeecccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh (gay), look maannee, i tried to fall back but you all are giving text'ers a bad name. If i text a chicken, i'm telling her a few things, namely: 1) i don't feel like talking to you tonight b/c you run your mouth too gotdayum much . . . but i can't stop thinking about them 'biscuits;' 2) i'm more productive when i'm not on the phone with you...but your biscuits are unbelievable; and finally 3) i'm standing outside your gotdayum house waiting for 'big dexter' (eh derk and slaught, KABOONNNGGG) to leave so i can knock your azz out!

yyoouunnggg, when i get home in the evening, i have a few things that must be done pronto so i can't be jammed up with these 'how ya doin' calls. See, i have to: 1) beat my daughter; 2) determine whether ima' boil them nathan's franks in some good pawk water or place them on the williams and sonoma grill (wow); and 3) get out the T-liner to phuk my shapeup..up.

Yep, i'm petty! But i'm rich beeoottcchhhhh BONK BONK Vvvvvvvvvrrrrrrroooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm

p.s. re: that last point . . . what my granddaddy once told me, "all issues are a gay issue." IDIOT! Bless his heart. He died last year while watching Booty Talk! And I told him to hit pause before the 'money shot.'

Marco said...

Wow since my brother's (Willie Lynch and Petey Green) already laid down the ruling on this rediculuos assupmtion by one of your gay friends there is really no need for SLAUUGHTER TO GIVE HIS SLAUUGHTERIZATIONS!!! However, I feel compelled to give one opion if I may!!!! Texting allows us to see who wants to rapp-it-up or trapp-it-up.

Definitions: 1). Rapp-it-up or simply bang to your heart's desire, or 2) trapp-it-up: talk a brotha to death about some bullshyt that happened to one of her sista, cuzions, brotha's gurl friend!!! You catch my drift...

Texting gives the soldier options as Petey Green said, to respond or not.

Also if it is a rainy night and to dangerous for driving, u will see who wants to have jaw drop'n, cum popp'n, finga-sticky-web lock'n phone bone sex...Peace...

Michy said...

agree Tonio...and we do know that you're the most confident brotha I know(lol)...all jokes aside, I definitely do not agree with what dude said. I was arguing him down but he told me to do him a favor, check out my male friends(the one's who text me) and monitor their behavior for a few days(lol)...I told him he must be kidding...but that's exactly why I brought it to the email dilemma. I told him that I was going to put it in a few of my male friends ears to see what they say...can't wait to send him the responses. Thanks babe

Michy said...

WOW...just ignorant...but funny(lol). How u go from being country as hell, boiling franks in pawk water to being down right bourgie, with the Williams & Sonoma grill...WOW...that was funny. But I like the way u broke down the texting...the three of u(u guys know who u r...Bell, Biv & Devoe) have now opened my eyes to the texting world...its basically used for booty privileges

Ladonna said...

Your male friend is a clown - give me a break - I won't believe he was serious about what he was saying because it is in the words of Mike Tyson "simply ludicrous" - yes I know I responding a little late but better than never (lol)

Anonymous said...

Not Gay--Some people just prefer the non-verbal method. I have a lot of guy friends who do this, I don't think it's suspect at all.

ablebodiedman said...

When you catch sight of the disgusting thing!

Ananda said...

ooooh weee. this was something. i agree with most of the folks that the idea of men texting because they are gay is crazy. thanks for posting such interesting things. i just discovered your blog and will be visiting regularly. peace, ananda

Southern Tease said...

I think there's some truth to that. Manly men don't really text... they will answer my texts. Or if they are long distance... they wil initiate the text. But, I think most men would prefer to just call. At least, the ones I'm attracted to. Actually, I will text a male friend and instead of texting back he will call. I'm like I don't want to talk to you... I just wanted to text you. ;o\

Her Shoe Addiction said...

Yes, that's funny. You should get him to write a list of 'He might be gay if...' Funny, right?

Shazza Nakim said...

Since I don't text at all, does that make me Old and Outdated or an Asexual? LOL

Natural Mystic said...

I think thats a sexist way of looking at it and maybe that some men text in order to send an uninterrupted thought. A lot of times during conversations every thought can't be introduced because there isn't time or the conversation is being carried on in such a way that your thoughts are being overshadowed. I know thats what I use texting for at times, and don't doubt thats what others do as well. Usually problems can be resolved during texting that can't be resolved during a telephone or face-to-face conversation because some people lack listening skills and other times its hard to express how you really feel without feeling as though you're going to say the wrong thing.

Anonymous said...

ok i have this guy texting me and maybe 1 call a week..i wait for a few days and think i won't hear from him again and then he comes back..i'm separated so i think it's just a sticky situation for him

Motorcycle Fairings said...

i agree to what Natural Mystice said

garden decorations said...

@shazza nakim yeah i think so

Anonymous said...

to me that's a crock of bull. How can a man texting a woman be gay . Come on now. I would have to say your friend is suspect LOL It can be used as a booty call, but I only use it for emergencies or when I really can't accept or make a call. That's life

Anonymous said...

I'm a guy. In Jakarta, Indonesia the men here don't text their friends... they just call... but to girls we texting is fine.

Interesting. So with this article it's confirmed that this behaviour is happening in other parts of the world as well.

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Anonymous said...

stuff in a box. your friend is a crackhead.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know about texting being "gay", but I definitely know it's typically perpetrated by cowards and p*ssies who are too intimidated to actually speak to someone, or they are hiding something from someone. Texting is the biggest step backwards towards our prehistoric ancestors we have yet made, next only to political correctness and the use of the BS smokescreen of "tolerance" to control one race, while beating another down... If 80% of the human race vaporized tomorrow, it wouldn't be soon enough. They're the equivalent of mutton - nothing more.

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