Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is Text Messaging "Gay" or is it really Just a "Booty Call"

I just finished talking to a male friend of mine and we were having a conversation about a few things. Nonetheless, he told me that guys who text women are "gay."

Now...he & I went back & forth about this issue and he said that if a female text a guy, then he is cleared to text her back BUT...if a guy uses his way of communicating to a female or male for that matter by way of texting, he's suspect(lol).

The crazy thing is...he was dead serious. His philosophy is guys are too impatient to be waiting for a reply for a text from some chick, if they need to speak with her, he will call her...he truly believes this form of communicating as it pertains to a male is he puts it, "women can do the text messaging stuff and males under the age of 18 are excused as well but a grown man does not have a need to be texting no dam* body"...LOL...I'm curious to hear what u have to say.

READ the comments - some guys responded saying that they only text because its a booty call...